Friday, March 2, 2007


Your first experience of Whyville.
Your typical day in Whyville.
An introduction to one of Whyville's many games or activities. Perhaps your favorite?
Our newest program, WhyEat, and how it has changed Whyville.
A live event that happened in the Greek Theater (preferably one that you've been to!)
Whyville fashion, including Akbar's, designing, and shopping in the Face Mall.
Your experiences with WhyPox.
The Senate Race, and what opportunities it can bring for change.
Your favorite chat rooms (North Beach, South, or some other spot?)

I first joined whyville in the year 2003 with my friend Aviva. I go on everyday to chat to my friends and get my money/clams of course! Whyville is an educational website to learn stuff...and well have fun! I mostly go on to chat but i also have a high salary too. 130 clams and my whyville screename is milliemag. You can play games to raise your salary so you can buy stuff!
Games: Skater Game, Spin Game, Getty Treasure Hunt, Getty Artsets, WhyEat Challenge, Spitzer Spectrum, House of Illusions, Alien Rescue Game, The Great Balloon Race, Soltice Safari, Treasure Hunt Safari, Dance Creation, SmartsCars Tracks, Zero Gravity Levels, WASA Rocket Levels, WASA Ion Engine, GeoDig Levels, Whypox Score, Sun Spot Puzzle, Spitzer Spectrometer, and many more games. Including: Math Expressions and Letter Squash taking place everyday at the Greek Theater one of the many 100's of chatrooms.
Yes people can eat on Whyville! Well they can buy there own food and eat it. If you don't you get all sick. You do not have to join WhyEat and if you do you can quit any-time. You also ahve to plan your diet right to keep from not getting sick. And every-day you are not sick but healthy you get clams!
Whyville has many chatrooms. I love the Greek Theater it is my favorite! Stacie Orrico played there once too. Meaning there are concerts, games, and many more live performances! In chatrooms you can tlak to people and make friends. That also meaning you can dress up! You need enough clams to buy the parts you want. You go to Akbar's Face Mall to get parts or Grandma's and go to Akbar's Face Factory to create parts. Yes you can make parts to but it cost money, but every person who buys your part you get money back!
Also, Whyville has many more stuff too do. You are able to buy CARS! Yes but they cost between 15,000 clams and up. I have 3 cars and it does take time to get enough clams to buy them. But you can get loans to buy only Cars with. You can have a partner help pay for the car with you. Once you buy it you can drive around whyville showing it off too people. You also can invite people in to have a PARTY! Also, you can run to be Whyville's new SENATOR! People on Whyville vote for you and your ideas. Even you can make changes to make Whyville a better place! Also, mail friends, talk, have own record, and much more!

Join Whyville because you will never regret it! When you sign up use my Promo code 8191585. ALSO WHYVILLE IS FREE!

Milliemag/ Maggie